Woman recovers from stroke thanks to technology

KVOA Tucson News

The morning of August 19th, 86 year old Beulah Hunter had a stroke, and paramedics quickly rushed her to St. Mary's hospital.

Doctor Francisco Valdivia said, "When she came in she was blind, she was not able to talk, she was not able to express herself also she was paralyzed on the right side.45:57

Doctors found a blood clot in a vessel leading to the left side of her brain, stopping blood flow.

Dr Stella Kahn said, "It was decided that it would be best to try and put a catheter right next to the clot."

Normally, doctors inject a substance into the blood with an IV, which flows to the clot, breaking it up, but in this case, it would take more than that.

They ran a catheter from her groin area all the way up through blood vessels into her brain, dispersing a solution directly on the clot, dissolving it completely.

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