Valerie S.


June 2014 is the one year after my "accident." I got up. Took my girls to school, cleaned and got tired. Did a nap and when I got up I couldn't speak. I got to my bathroom and felled down. I couldn't get up, I couldn't speak and don't remember anything now. What happened was someone called 911 and I went to UNM hospital. I had 80% to go to Heaven. I had carniaplasty brain surgery. When I finally got up, I didn't know why I was there. Didn't see my hair was gone. Didn't know my left skull was in the stomach. Didn't know a part of my brain on the left side was gone. After a lot of medicine and I was finally up, I asked my family what happened. My stroke. Had one and still don't know why. Thought I was in a dream. Finally looking in the mirror, seeing how different now my life is. After the UNM I had to go to Health South to start learning how to walk, and read, and speak. I finally went home in a month.

I went to more appointments for speech therapy. In October 2013 I did my last surgery. They got my skull out of my tummy and put a metal in my brain and put my skull back in. I was so happy how blessed I am. Still here. I am up and down and have medicine for seizures and depression, but more closer to God! Proud to be a great Mom and my girls tell me "Happy Birthday" every morning!


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