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Naomi B.

Family & Caregiver

Our Miracle Naomi

A survivor of enutero pediatric stroke, 4 year old Naomi continues to defy the odds.

In March of 2009, our daughter Naomi had made it to full term with no issues. However, unbeknownst to the doctors and me, Naomi had an in utero stroke at seven months gestation. She was born having multiple seizures per hour and was not expected to survive. After an MRI at three days old that showed severe brain damage, it was medically stated that if she did survive, she might not have high quality of life. However God had another plan for Naomi. She did survive, and Naomi is living with a quality of life much different than what the MRI showed.

Now four years old and diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, Naomi has only mild delays in development and is thriving. She walks with the assistance of an AFO, talks (quite sassily I might add), and is sharp as a whip. She continues to astound her occupational, physical, and speech therapists...along with her family!

Soon she will enter kindergarten. With the amount of strong minded, determined and brave character she has shown so far, we know that Naomi will continue to deepen our love and faith in the best to occur. She has show us that despite how much the future may look to be challenging, one must never give up.

As an outlet of the unforeseen tragic events of my youngest child, Naomi, I decided to write a children's book titled "I See You, Little Naomi" (available on tatepublishing.com). My goal is to educate children and the public about the existence of pediatric stroke. Most of all, I wanted to teach children about people with special needs. I wanted to instill understanding through this book because with understanding and knowledge comes compassion. If there is any way Naomi's testimony can lessen fears or misguided assumptions and give hope to other people who may go through a similar trial, then my goal is accomplished. Making it through this life's trial has resulted in a spiritual, mental, and emotional metamorphosis in so many positive ways for so many people. I hope this story about my daughter's struggles and miracles does the same for you.


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