Pauleen P.


An Angel on my shoulder

2012 to 2013 was a busy year for me, I had gone up to take care of my mother in-law as she wanted to come home from a nursing rehab facility, she knew she was dying, so she got her last wish it was to come home. I went and took care of her 24/7 till the day she died 12/23/2012. After the funeral we brought my father in-law home with us to take care of him and get him back in to health he was with us for 3 months.

After we had taken him home and returned home I was able to breath and get back into my life and dealing with abused animals. Yes we ran a Animal Cruelty Law Enforcement SPCA Non Profit 24/7 yes my life was full and on the go all the time.

June the 3rd 2013 my life was about to change.

On June 3rd 2013 I was awoken by the phone ringing 4.30 am. Hello I answered, the voice on the other end was my Brother from Australia, my heart sank as I knew a phone call at that time of the morning is normally bad news. My Mother had been killed in a car crash and my Auntie who was driving was in critical condition. I told my brother I have to go I think I'm having a stroke I had lost the use of my left side, I tried standing but couldn't, then my speech started slurring and I wasn't making any sense, numbness in my face, my husband noticed my right eye had turned in and I was having problems with my sight. My husband called 911 this was around 15 mins.

The Ambulance arrived by this time I had started vomiting, the EMS told me I was having a panic attack even after my husband telling them the symptoms, to them I was having a panic attack. My husband ended up taking me to the hospital himself, where I had been given medicine to stop me from vomiting and then taken to have a scan, yes I had a stroke. I was then transported to a Bigger hospital where they did an MRA and was told yes I had had a stoke in the front lower lobe of the brain and that I had to have had an angel on my shoulder. I said yes my mum was my angel that morning. The Dr proceeded to tell my husband that this was not my first stroke it was my second the first was in part of the brain that didn't affect my motor skills. I suffered a lot with migraines when I was younger and he thinks that's when I had my first stroke.

My neurologist said I may get better and I may not. My right arm I still have numbness and is very weak and my hand hurts with pain. I have a lump that has formed on my inner forearm which I know is my muscle. My life has changed, my memory is real bad especially my short term and get upset very easy. I don't like my self anymore I am not me.

I am not the same person any more as I have a very short fuse now all therapy I have done is by myself at home. I now have blood pressure problems one minute it is real low next it can be through the roof. I haven't had any return calls from my neurologist after calling his office about my blood pressure.

I go to the health clinic and they aren't much help. I'm on blood pressure meds that are not working cholesterol meds and aspirin. I have got my legs back to where I can walk with a cane and still have a bit of a limp but I can walk. Nothing was ever said to me about having therapy. I'm still grieving for my mum, and my Aunt who died from the accident one week later and never got to say goodbye to either of them.

I had to close the SPCA and animal shelter down due to my stroke.

The sad part about it is I don't have insurance due to not being able to afford it. Obama care is way to high, and over 45,000 in dept with hospital and Dr bills. I haven't had proper medical care after my stroke, have not had any therapy or any other test done. Why because I don't have insurance. And cant afford it. So they don't care.

I was refused disability from the USA in which I wasn't applying to the USA disability but have to send my papers through them, as my disability would come from Australia but the USA disability takes it upon them selves to say no to me.

I am 52 and because I am a strong willed Aussie living in America only my husband to help me I will fight back. I have my kids to love who live in Australia and my 8 grand babies will keep me going.

This is my story about being a stroke survivor.

I am glad I have people in the stroke association who have gone through the same to talk too and share my experience.


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