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Beverly H.


My Stroke Story

I woke up from an afternoon nap and was unable to stand properly due to weakness in my left leg. We did not think my left arm was affected, but could not be sure because my arm was broken two weeks earlier and in a cast.  Given my age -73- and a minimal history of stroke in my family, our thoughts were stroke but I didn’t seem to have any of the obvious symptoms – except for the weak left leg.  We did go to the hospital but our doubts continued when a CT scan and the doctor’s examination did not show a
stroke.  The doctor sent me home with what he said was “worsening neuropathy” and said I should see my primary care doctor the next morning.  Unfortunately, the primary care doctor agreed with the ER doctor’s diagnosis and intended to have me see a neurologist in two weeks time. I didn’t feel comfortable with this and finally (on the third day after the stroke) decided to go to another emergency room at a hospital in another city.

Another CT scan was done at this hospital and the stroke was quite obvious.  I was immediately started on treatment and therapy, although there was no obvious reason for the stroke, i.e. blood clot or plaque.   I progressed quite well but with a continuing heavy left leg which made it difficult to walk.  After 9 months the leg suddenly lightened up and I was once again walking quite normally. Needless to say, I was elated and felt I had turned a corner.  However, after another three months, I woke up one morning with the heaviness in my left leg again and a heavy, stiff left arm.  It felt like another stroke and the doctor ordered an MRI.  Nothing showed on the MRI, but I am convinced it was another stroke as the heaviness in both the leg and arm continue and I am back to frequently walking with a cane.  My only hope is that just as the leg lightened up after the first stroke, it will do the same this time.  I give both the arm and leg a good workout every day and am looking forward to a full recovery . . . and no more “in
sleep” incidents.                 


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