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Erin M.


NuvaRing Stroke Survivor

As a new mom and wife, I was so scared with this happened to me. Didn't know what was going on and refused to call the ambulance until an EMT neighbor could approve that we do so.

As a brand new mom at the young age of 24, I survived two strokes after using the NuvaRing as a birth control method for 13 months after my daughter was born. After having hives all weekend long, in and out of the Emergency Department and driving home from a usual Walmart trip for diapers and wipes, I got out of the car only to find myself uncontrollably dizzy-to the point of needing my husband's help inside the house. Being stubborn since we had been to the hospital twice this past weekend and not wanting to go back, I had my husband call over an EMT neighbor to check and see if this was something to call an ambulance about or not. I was SO scared yet didn't want to worry my young daughter so we waited it out a bit until the ambulance arrived and my mom came to watch my daughter.

So, after an overnight and being admitted to the hospital with extensive testing for 18 hours thereafter, they discovered that I had two hemorrhagic strokes. I am still battling with left side weakness and have now been on Coumadin since 2010, after finding of Antiphospholipid Syndrome and now Lupus. Always getting sick since my immune system is compromised now, but dealing with every day life and trying to find my way in life after all of this.


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