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Tyler S-A.


Miracle Tyler

Tyler born @29wks 5 days 6/4/11, spent 1st 15 months 10 days of life solid in hospital. Most compleex cardiac and respiratory case Eveline and Gosh in London have seen in 10 years.  Oxygen and NG fed, eats small amount of solids

Tyler has life limiting pulmonary vein stenosis, has had 3 cardiac catheter procedures, the last surgery was in March 2013 where he had adult pulmonary vein stents put in the middle of his pulmonary veins. He was lucky to survive op,went well..48hours later Tyler had another huge fight on his hands...he'd been bit grizzly all day on ward. Even clonidine wasn't helping to calm. Even done an echo to check stents..all looked good still. All of a sudden his right side went like a dead weight..head to toe right side movement completely gone on our 11 month old son...luckily survived and constant physio and occupational therapy, still on going..but am proud to say Tyler is slowly getting and remembering his right side again, he can't crawl,walk or sit unaided for more than few mins but he is trying his best. Tyler only got given 50/50 till Feb just gone but he's proving he wants to live!


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