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Kortnie P.


This made me who I am today!

I was only thirteen months old when it had happened. On a Friday night around seven forty five, I was in the helicopter on my way to The University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital. Hours before I was with my mother in the shopping cart helping her with the groceries. Suddenly the beautiful blue eyed little girl that I was became limp. My entire left side had just fallen.

I was in bed number one under Dr. Flowers care. When I had got there, it took the nurses six times before they could draw my blood. I had no use of my left arm or leg; my entire left side including my left eye and mouth were drooping. The doctors had no idea what had caused my stroke. They had searched and searched for answers, only to find nothing.

The doctors then told my parents that I wouldnt be able to be like a normal little girl compared to others my age. They predicted that I wouldnt be able to walk, play sports, or succeed like others. I had to attend physical therapy to relearn everything that I had lost, and as embarrasing as it was, I tripped over a painted line. My fine motor skills were barely funtional. After many months of physical therapy I was able to funtion like others in my class. After third grade I no longer had to attend physical therapy.

I look back now and come to realize how lucky and how much of a miricale it is for me to fully recover. I have played soccer since I could remember, when I was predicted that i wouldnt be able to. I still to this day have minor struggles with my fine motor skills but not enough to even notice a problem. Not many of my peers are even aware of this event happening.

I am now eighteen years old and graduated from High School this last June. I was accepted to UW Waukesha for this next year for nursing. It is amazing how from the beginning I was challenged, preditcited to be a failure and unable to succeed. Now here I am proving everyone wrong every day that I, a stroke victim can make a differnce!


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