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Wanda W.


My Mother, My hero

196 days

196 days ago her whole world as she knew it and lived it would change.

Mom came home for lunch. She brought a sandwich we enjoyed our lunch. Nothing out of the normal. This is what we did each day. She went back to work. I questioned was I doing the right thing by packing up and leaving my life as I knew it behind. About 5:15 mom came home from work. Her sister had come down with moms aunt and cousins whom she hadn't seen in a long time. Cindy was there. Moms friend Jill was there. Mom walked in. Hugged her sister and sat down. She swayed then grabbed her head and said o that hurts. I checked my mothers blood pressure. Can't recall what it was but it was high. I checked moms sugar. 296 is not a very good number. Mom insists. She's fine! I don't need to go to the doctor she said. I make her get in the car where she starts vomiting. At this time I'm calling 911. My mother was having what I later found out was a stroke. She arrived at the hospital where a CT was ordered along with medication for nausea and pain. Before any drugs were given they asked several questions that my mother knew but couldn't answer. She didn't know the year or the current president. I knew in my heart it wasn't good but I had faith in God and my mother. She's tough. She has to be ok. It was determined that the type of stroke my mother had was an Ischemic stroke. This means it was caused by a clot. She was transferred from her local hospital to another hospital better equipped to take care of her. We got to the other hospital and waited for what seemed like forever. In this time my mother is sleeping (meds). She wakes up and has to go to the bathroom. Se walked into the bathroom and was able to go unassisted. She walked back to bed. We had know way of knowing this would be the last time for 33 days that she would even sit and 34 days before she would stand again. Finally a Dr. came in and attempted to do a. Spinal tap on my mother. After listening to her cry out in pain the guy decides he can't do it and is going to admit her to do the tap with ultrasound assistance. She goes upstairs to the surgical ICU unit. Into a room for very sick people. Mom at this point couldn't talk. She could barely say love you. I would say. I love u more and she would say no I love you more. I left around 12 that day thinking I would go rest and eat. After all she was what they said stable. As soon as I made the 47 mile trek home I felt the need to go back. We loaded up and went back to my mothers bedside. During this time mom was giving a breathing tube through her nose down into her lungs. This was to get the oxygen she needed to survive. When we got back we were stopped by a doctor that told us the prognosis was not good. We were told to think of moms last wishes. We were told she needs to be on full ventilation or she would suffocate and her organs would slowly start to fail. We had to make a decision to fight for our mother. I refused to accept the fact that she wouldn't be there another day. We go into moms room and when she sees us she doesn't really know who we are. We tell her who she is and we let her know we love her and she has to fight. We decide to wait and see what happened. No way would I rush into anything. Later that day we find out mom had a stroke. She had atrial fibrillation which caused a clot to travel from her heart to her brain. We learn that the stroke she had had affected 3 of her 4 brain lobes and the swelling had caused trouble for the spinal stem. All these things you would need to survive. The part of the brain that tells your heart to beat your lungs to work and just exist. The chances of surviving this type of stroke were very slim. We wait. The next thing we learned was while mom was having her stroke she aspirated pneumonia. This isn't good. The vomit goes into the lungs and destroys the lining. Chances of survival are very slim. In order for her to live she needed to be intubated. Once mom was intubated it was hard for her to talk to us. She managed.Thank God before we got there mom was able to sign the papers and take care of this. Gods way of letting us know we were making the right choices. After all this we learn mom has what's called C-DIFF. This is a nasty infection that even in healthy people its not easy to live through. Ok so stroke, pneumonia, A-FIB, intubation ventilation, now an infection. All of which can take her away from us forever. I prayed to God and begged to please not take my mother. She is to strong she can fight this I know she can just please give her the strength she will need to fight this battle. After 10 days waiting on mom to get better we made the decision to have mom trached. With this she would be placed under heavy sedation. No more communication for what seemed like forever. This is what she will need to live we were told. Through determination and Gods will my mother is able to feed, dress and bathe herself. She was able to come home after 88 days in ICU. She walks talks and is able to tell me what she wants and demand it. She was able to leave the tracheostomy behind. She uses no oxygen and lived to see her first great grandchild. I'm so proud of my mother. She is a survivor


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