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Jason K.

Caregivers & Family

My Parents

To even begin to thank everyone who has helped me recover, would take a very long time. So I will specifically write about my parents.

As a 21 year old who suffered an ischemic stroke, my parents rushed me to my doctor who told me I was fine and go home and get some sleep, but my Mom knowing something was wrong grabbed my Dad and told him lets go to the hospital. It is here where I learned about what happened. Having two people show you strength was a huge help to keep myself together. I ended up spending 6 weeks in the hospital with both my parents and the rest of my family there everyday. Dad took time off work for the majority of my hospital stay making sure I never gave up even when I felt like all the cards were against me.

My Mom was always there to make sure I kept up my speech exercises while my Dad and brothers pushed me through occupational and physical therapy. Till this day my Dad will always take time off work to take me for my tests and makes sure I never forget what I have overcome, thanks to my parents I was able to complete the 5k rugged maniac obstacle course 8 months after my stroke and my first semester of law school.

This is one way I hope that I can show my appreciation to both my parents and how amazing they are and how lucky I am to be their son


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