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Tennyson T.

My Will And Determination Made The Difference
My Will And Determination Made The Difference


My Will And Determination Made The Difference

"Life brings many changes and alterations, but it is the will to live that has the most impact on life's situations and changes."

On July 2, 2012 I had a stroke. After months of exercising and trying to eat right and lose weight. It was July 2, 2012 the signs of a stroke appeared after a mile in a half walk on the treadmill. First, my head began to hurt, which I assumed was my sinuses. And then after shortly getting out of the shower and dressing myself, my headache began to get worse. It was when the left side of my face began to have no feeling, that I felt something was wrong. I then texted my sisters, and a cousin to inform them how I was feeling. Within seconds, my cousin texted back and said, I am on my way.

Once getting to the emergency room and after checking in. My left arm began to lose feeling. Then after being taking in a room and asked numerous questions, my speech began to slur. It was then the nurse stated that something was not right. I was then taken in the main emergency room and put on a bed. At that time my left leg lost all feeling and it was apparent to me that something was seriously wrong. Never having this happen to me, I did not know what caused this whatsoever. Instantly, several doctors and nurses were inserting IV's into my arms and hands. Still not knowing what was happening. It was not until my father and sister arrived, that the doctor informed them and I, that I was having a stroke.

After being informed of this, my blood pressure began to rise higher due to worry and emotions. Quickly I was taken for a CAT Scan and after returning my relatives and I were informed that I had a blood clot on the right side of my brain and something needed to be done immediately. After a long talk and discussion with my relatives and informing them that the situation was serious. My relatives decided it would be best to use the drug call tPA. Not knowing the effects of this drug until afterwards. I am truly blessed that my relatives signed to use it. After 48hrs of being on this drug, overcomed by stress, emotions, having a bad headache, the will to live and still no mobility on the entire left side of my body. I felt helpless, but continued to pray to God for healing. I was informed that the blood clot had dissolved on my brain. And it was at that time, my whole life changed. I knew then, that God had allowed me to be here on earth a little longer. Even with no mobility on my left side, I knew that my determination and will to live would help me to overcome this obstacle.

After seven days in the stroke ICU and learning to walk again for the the first time on July 4, 2012 (Independence Day). My life had changed for the better. From using a full body walker, then mid size walker, a cane and physical therapy twice a week for 7 weeks. Plus the dedicated help of my dad, relatives, close friends, colleagues and all of the certified and non certified doctors, nurses and physical therapist. I am renewed, restored and walking in the path to be strokeless.

I have made it my goal to eat right, exercise and to be a better person mentally and physically. Since, blessed with another chance of life. I am now back to doing things I use to do. I am back a work, exercising, eating right and being an example to others on the importance of surviving a stroke.

My life goal, is to make a difference, by being the difference. "Life brings many changes and alterations, but it is the will to live that has the most impact on life's situations and changes."

I am Tennyson Thomas. And I am a present stroke survivor.


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