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Maureen C.

Caregivers & Family

The Day the lights went out on Georgia

How my partner's stroke changed not only her life but mine too.

Christmas Eve 2011 is a day I will not soon forget. I took my partner of 10 years into the ER for what I thought would be a quick blood sugar issue. She walked in and 33 days walked back out.

The Physicians assistant that did my partner's triage didn't listen to what we had tried at home before bringing her in and instead relied on her own judgement and that of the supervising physician that happened to be an Osteopath. The two prescribed and administered 4 times the normal dose of medication and my partner suffered a stroke on her brain stem and 3 sub acute strokes. My life changed in an instant. Looking back now, I am thankful for the experience.

My partner inspires me everyday. She survived and is thriving but only because of her own determination and never say never attitude. I haven't enjoyed watching her struggle. Sometimes I get pretty angry and wish I could have our old life back, the one we had planned with my promotion to Georgia. I miss the days of just being able to wake up, shower and hit the ground running. I have to plan on extra time to slowly get her up, showered, dressed, fed, medicated and out the door.

It isn't an easy life, but it is the life we have been given and I would much rather have this life than a life without her in it.


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