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Glenn M.


Stroke at 9 months old

I was born 3 months early. I was born with a condition in my brain called hydrocephalus and was born with a heart defect and a heart murmur. I had a brain bleed just as Ii was born and had my first shunt for hydrocephalus at 2 months old. I had a brain aneurysm just after I was born. When my family was living in Norway. I had a bad stroke at 9 months old. At the hospital they had never seen anyone ever as young as me have a stroke, so they were not sure what to do. They left me for 3 days with blood in my brain. When they tried to help I was basically gone. They have to try and bring me back.

Really only side effects from it was that it changed my hydrocephalus to where my ventricals never ever change size, always stay real tiny. I have had 9 brain operations. I have some other side effects, not sure if they are from the stroke or my hydrocephalus. Since my left side is weaker then my right when I walk a bit my left leg gets real tired. After a while I have to drag it and my body overheats easy, and now I have high blood pressure. So now I have to take pills for it, which helps just a little. My Drs think I still have the hole in my heart that I was born with. I only get around 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night which does not help all the pain in my head.


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