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Wendy B.


My name is Wendy, I am 33 years old.  I have no risk factors for a stroke.  I do not have high blood pressure, do not take birth control pills, do not smoke, and do not have mirgaines. I was in perfect health.  Then I had a TIA.

The evening of Wednesday May 9, 2012 was normal night in our household. My husband was at work till 11pm and I was getting our children ready for bed. I was suddenly nauseous and a stomach ache. I left my children in my room while went into the bathroom. After sitting for a few minutes I had a very intense dizzy spell, I got up to go and lay back on my bed and was so off balance I was hanging onto the walls for dear life. My 9 year old son had asked me what was wrong and I told him to "Call Daddy" only he couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand me. I tried several more times and finally my son asked "Mommy whats wrong with you are you dying?" I somehow got to the kitchen and handed him my cell phone which he then figured out I wanted him to call Daddy, I mean while 911 my first few seconds on the phone I know the 911 operator couldn't understand me but my speech started to come back and I was able to give the correct information for an ambulance to be sent to my house. By the time the ambulance arrived I was feeling fine just a slight headache. I almost refused to go to the hospital but my husband, who made his 2 minute drive from work to the house in 1 minute, told me to go.

At the ER I had a CatScan of the head and bloodwork done immediately. While waiting to find out the results I had another intense episode of dizziness so bad I started vomiting. I was told by the ER doctor it looked like I was experiencing vertigo I was given Mexclizine, Zofran, and Tordal and was told they would observe me for a few more hours and send me home. A few hours later when I was awake and more aware I talked to the doctor again and was going to send me home with the diagnosis of vertigo and asked "what about my speech diffculties?" So we talked a bit more and it was decided that I should be admitted.

Two hours later I had a MRI of the Brain, EchoCardiogram, Bubble Study, and a Carotid Ultrasound. The MRI showed multiple infarcts on both sides of my cerebellar hemispheres the right greater then the left. A cardiologist was also consulted because my echocardiogram was inconclusive because of the bone structures of my ribcage so he ordered a TransEsophogeal Endoscopy. This showed a very small PFO (hole between the two upper chambers of the heart). I was told it was possible a blood clot slipped through the hole and traveled to my brain. I also had a CT ANGIO of the neck vessels and that was clear. I was released from the hospital that Friday evening May 11.

I also had a lot of bloodwork done that showed a possible Protein C deficiency. Now 2 weeks later I show no signs of a TIA, MiniStroke, or Stroke (the terms have been interchanged so much I am not sure what to call it. My doctors are still going back on forth between the PFO causing the TIA or the clotting disorder.

I am very lucky that I had no lasting effects from the TIA. My first Neuroexam at the hospital was normal. The only thing I deal with now is the fear of it happening again. My family and I try not to let it overcome us and maybe in time I won't be as afraid but for now things are good.


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