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Red R.


I’d be delighted to send my story. I’ve got quite a story that I’m sure would touch many people, but I’m nearly four years along now and still misspell words and get my words mixed up and leave words out. Need someone to help me. Here, there’s no one to do such a thing. I’m in a cell by myself and the people here got no interest in this kind of thing!

I’d love to tell how like a new born baby I had to learn how to tie my shoe again, eat left handed, write left handed, wipe left handed, do everything left handed, and I’m still learning. Believe it or not, I’m doing pretty good at this letter. God must be helping me!

I didn’t know what a stroke was so I just started exercising with my home made gym in the cell. That’s some of the troubles I’ve been through. I had to take speech therapy and I got real mad at them thinking, “Why they doing this? I’ve been speaking all my life?” A lot, I know huh! Being in prison with a stroke is the most humiliating thing one can ever go through, believe me. Being humbled, I turned to God and force fed myself, listening to every radio station that was Christian that was on until it finally started changing my thinking from a sinful way to a new way of thinking. Believe me, I’m a new man now. Thank you, Jesus. The Bible says all things are passed away, all things are new now, and I can feel it.  

Hey, at first I could only move the tip of my right middle finger, I could only get five reps, then I’d have to wait an hour and do it again, then again. I’VE GOT A LOT MORE, but I’m hoping this will be enough to help someone. Thanks for your Magazine.  It’s A LOT OF HELP for me. 

I’m out of Sin’s prison finally, now. Got a new home to look forward to. Praise His HOLY Name. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THE BIBLE says in it somewhere, “Before I was afflicted, I went astray.” Hey, that sure fits me.


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