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Kenneth C.


One Fall Morning

On Halloween morning three years ago I was getting ready for work and noticed my husband sitting in the family room attempting to drink his coffee. I spoke to him and asked him what was wrong. His language was garbled and I wasn’t able to understand anything he said. I said “can’t you speak” and he started talking again with garbled words and tears were rolling down his face. I immediately started assessing him myself along with calling 911, telling them my husband had had a stroke. The EMS arrived and took him to Pattie A. Clay RMC (our local hospital); we got a CAT scan which was negative for a bleed. I told the ED physician who was Dr. Ray Jackson that I wanted to be transferred to Central Baptist Hospital to see Dr. Bill Brooks. I had just attended an in-service on strokes three days prior to this event, therefore I knew he was up to date with all the new interventions and I wanted Kenneth to see the best and get the BEST quality of care.

We were transferred to CBH by EMS, arrived to the hospital and were taken directly to the Neuro unit where we wasted no time but went immediately to the Cath Lab. We were on the count down for time now as the last normal time he spoke was 6 AM. Dr.Bill Brooks and Dr. Michael Jones located the clot on angiogram, did internal carotid artery angioplasty and stenting and also gave intra-arterial tPA.

By 6 PM, Kenneth was able to speak his name and I could understand what he was saying even though his language was slurred. He had speech therapy and after one month of therapy, his language was much improved.

Within 6 months, Kenneth was back to work full time in his own business, Brookhill Garage Doors. We are so grateful for the care he received from Dr. Bill Brooks and Dr. Michael Jones which made a significant change in his life on that morning. Without their care, the quality of life for Kenneth would have been devastating.

Once again, education is so important to the public that they recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke. Time is brain and the minutes roll by quickly.


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