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Michelle R.


HOPE..Once you choose hope anything is possible!

Hello my name is Michelle Randall and I am a Stroke Survivor. I suffered an ischemic stroke on 10/1/2011 as a complication from surgery for Ovarian Cancer. Yes, there is a silver lining....I don't have cancer! At the age of 50 I never contemplated the possibility of ever having a stroke.

I am thankful that I have very minor visible signs of the damage the stroke has caused, but because the vast amount of damage is hidden deep inside my brain this has been a detriment in receiving the therapy that I need. I suffer from Apraxia on my left side along with cognitive deficits as a result of the stroke. Apraxia is a disorder of the brain in which a person is unable to perform tasks or movements when asked even though: the request or command is understood. My brain no longer has the ability to process this information to achieve the task. For example if someone asks me to make a fist, or raise my left hand I can't do it.

I had worked in the dental field for the past 32 years and it truly was my passion. I have been undergoing conventional therapy with P.T., O.T. and Speech for the past six months making steady progress. I have been treated at various facilities seeking treatment that would be able to give me an opportunity of one day returning to the profession that I love.

I finally have some hope of returning to work with the promise of recovery with the Manus M.I.T Robotic Therapy. The Manus has been proven to significantly retrain the brain, by varied repetitive task practice. This treatment will greatly improve my recovery and ability to work once again in the dental field.

I am currently receiving this treatment through Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in NY. This facility is 200 miles from my home. There is a hospital 40 miles from me that has a Stroke Center that houses this same piece of equipment, but they don't participate with my health insurance. I will continue to fight this battle to make this treatment available to all patients.

HOPE... Once you choose hope anything is possible!


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