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Jonathan T.


Recovery as Worship

39 year old married father of 3 suffers a stroke and  embraces recovery as a way of life.

On the morning of Saturday May 8th I awoke and began getting ready to take my son to his baseball game (I was the coach) as my wife prepared to go to work. She asked me if I felt well, noting that I was slurring my speech and my face looked unusual. Even looking in the mirror, I could not tell anything was wrong. I knew she was thinking 'stroke' as I had taken a hard knock on the head the previous week, but I could not entertain the thought as I was an active 39 year old father of 3 in decent physical condition. While I insisted she go on to work, miraculously her employer called saying she didn't need to come in after all. She insisted on taking me to the Dr. Her persistence was also a God-send as I certainly would have caused an accident if I had tried to drive that morning. She bypassed the Dr. Office and drove me to the Emergency Room instead. I wobbled into the waiting room and following a CT scan I was informed that I had had a stroke sometime before I woke up. In the following weeks & months I recovered use of my left hand, learned to stand and walk, returned to driving and resumed my office job.

Today, almost 2 years later, I am still on the recovery road. It has been a journey of sadness and joy, fits and starts, but it isn't done yet and I can't and won't quit.

Relearning to do familiar things again for the 1st time has been very special. After all, how many adults can remember taking their first steps or riding a bike for the 1st time?

When people ask how I am doing, my common refrain is "I can do all I need to do, but not all I want to do." My dreams are often filled with images of running well once again. I have faith in God that He is bringing me all the way back. I am coming to understand the recovery road as an ongoing, patient act of worship.


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