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Gloria S.


My Stroke ~~ A Short Story

This is a brief story about the day of my stroke and the years following it

Hi! I am a single mother of a now 9-year old. He was just 7 when I suffered a major stroke in January, 2010. The stroke occurred in my sleep and my visit to the local E.R. was a complete disaster. The hospital diagnosed me with "neuropathy" after performing an EKG and CT scan. I was sent home and told to see a neurologist in 1-3 days. The 2 local neurologists could not see me for many days so I called my insurance company who found me an awesome neurologist who would see me the next morning at 8 am (their office doesn't officially open until 9). He gave me an initial diagnosis of a stroke and started the process of admitting me into the hospital. After running many tests, including an MRI and Arterial Ultrasound, they gave me the final diagnosis of a major stroke due to a blocked carotid artery. Barely able to walk, and unable to get my right arm to move, I was told I would need 4-6 weeks in the hospital's rehab center before being released. I explained that my living quarters at the time were small and that I could get around fine by holding onto things to walk. Two days later, after consulting with a rehab specialist, my neurologist decided to release me with strict conditions and set up the home care I would need. My determination was seen that day when I tied my shoes, although very loosely, with just one hand. Carotid artery surgery followed 3 weeks later. I followed my doctor's orders to the letter, and after 3 months of home therapy was released by my therapists and was able to walk on my own.

It has been over 2 years since that fateful morning. Every day is a physical and mental struggle for me. I've had set backs and am now being tested for TIA's (mini strokes) and seizures. I suffer from permanent Major Depressive Disorder due to the part of my brain that was affected. I am constantly tired and also have Fibromyalgia, RLS, Osteoarthritis of the neck, hip and knees, Gout, and have had a "frozen" shoulder and will eventually require surgery for a torn rotator cuff. I live in constant pain. So, one might ask, how do you make it through the day? Well, I keep an upbeat attitude, rest when needed, work on my physical and cognitive therapy EVERY DAY, and finally look at my 9-year old and realize how hard it was for him, and still is, and thank God every day for the blessings bestowed on me and for sparing my life that day.


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