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Jamie D.


Jamie's story

My story (short version) on 10/13/06, I was rushed to the ER with intense stomach pains! Last I remember the ER doctors had given me painkillers for what they thought was food poisoning. About three weeks later, I woke up from a coma in the ICU completely paralyzed - it took me over a month to even make a sound and I was still using a bed pan! Gross! (just so I can paint a picture for how severe and critical it was).

As it turned out, the stomach pain I was feeling was from a tangle in my intestines that needed emergency surgery to remove two thirds of it.  Then, when they lowered my blood pressure during surgery not enough oxygen got to my brain causing severe damage. I also had a rare and highly fatal childhood condition, where my blood vessels were extremely narrow and break easily, Moyamoya. Living into my 20's without any symptoms, I never even thought to get checked or how you would prevent it..unless you got an MRI of your brain?!! I didn't even KNOW what Moyamoya was! A year later, I had MAJOR brain surgery to transplant new blood vessels onto my brain and correct my condition :)

Fast forward- 5 yrs later, I'm back to work (part-time), working out, maintaining a social life, rehabing, still staying POSITIVE, and trying to help others with traumatic brain injuries! So please share with anyone who may benefit from my website: braininjuryco-op.com --a helpful resource for TBI-ers/caregivers-- to find support groups, studies, discussion boards, activities, share ur story, etc.


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