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Adelynn N.


My name is Adelynn, I am a neonatal stroke survivor!

I was born the day after my due date, 9/17/12. My mom didn't get to hold me for long after I was born because I had a breathing issue. I looked like a little humming bird. They took me to the nursery where I stayed. 10 hrs after I was born they finally let my mom hold me, and that's when it all began.

As I lay there in her arms, my respiratory rate went from a 75 to a 17 and I began to turn purple. That was my first seizure. I had 7 more of those until I was transferred to the NICU at Legacy Emanuel hospital. My mom was discharged and rode with me in an ambulance. They told my parents they were going to run a bunch of test, including a lumbar puncture. When all of those test came back inconclusive they decided to do an MRI. We had to wait 7 days from the time I was born to do it. When they finally got the results back they said I had suffered a very acute stroke to the right side of my brain.

They told my parents, that I looked good to them right now, especially for how bad my stroke was, but they warned them that because of my stroke and how severe, I may never crawl, talk, walk.. the list went on. They weren't sure how it was going to pan out. This was the first stroke case my mom's ob/gyn clinic had every experienced in the 30 years of care, and very uncommon in the NICU at our local hospital. With very little information to work with, I came home 10 days after I was born, my parents scared to death but overjoyed that I was home with my family and sister!

I am currently 17 months old. I crawled a little late and a little funny; I am currently walking and talking like crazy! I have beaten the odds so far and am doing what they said I may not have. I owe a lot of help in getting this far to Elise Hewitt a Pediatric Chiropractor that specializes in babies! She was the first person that I went to for "therapy" and when the doctors from the NICU saw me they couldn't believe I was the same little girl!

Please remember when you honor those stroke survivors in May that even babies have strokes! They don't have much information about it; in fact the true cause of my stroke is still unknown. So please help us in getting more information out there! For more information on infant and children stroke please visit http://www.chasa.org


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