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Louis S.

Family & Caregiver


This is a story about my wife Marlen's massive bleed stroke while driving

April 14, 2011. I, Louis, received a phone call from my wife's cell phone thinking it was her, instead a police officer so she must have been trying to reach me, thank God she was at an intersection before she went on the highway. She had the stroke and then hit a street sign and tapped the bumper of another car, no damage or injurues, very minor damage to her car. Ambulance came and took her to Griffin Hospital where they rushed and took a  CAT scan and found a bleed and had to be rushed to Yale Hospital where they treated her, then 2 in the morning I get a call from there that she needed emergency surgery on her brain to remove the clot or she would die.

There are so many things I could say, ICU, Gaylord rehab, Wicke Center now Griffin rehab and many medicines she is slowly recovering though she has left neglect. She is taking steps with the therapist and a special left leg brace. I could go on and on, but the cause was they believe was high blood pressure.

She is home now for almost 7 months and I am her caregiver, 24/7. Her sister helps out alot so I can do errands, etc. All I could say is our Faith in Christ has been carrying us through and we know she will walk again some day. My advice is Pray and get your blood pressure checked regularly. Thank You and may God Bless You.


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