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Julie C.


My name is Julie, and I am 28 years old. Last year at age 27, I had three strokes. They have no idea why. I had just moved with my husband at the time to Corpus Christi Texas. We'd been there two weeks. It was a normal day... December 6, 2008. We had just finished decorating the Christmas tree. I had put the baby to sleep and passed her to my husband, who was sitting beside me on the couch... I got up and experienced vertigo, and crawled on all fours into bed. We thought it was a migraine

I awoke in the middle of the night, my right side numb and very nauseous. We called 911. They assessed me and took me to ER, where they gave me a shot of morphine and nausea pills and sent me out the door.

The next day as soon as the pain medicine wore off, I became nauseous again and this time my whole left side tingled. My husband took a reluctant me to the ER. They sat me shivering and screaming to make the dizziness stop in a closet like booth... no pillow or blanket. The doctor came in said, "Oh, you have a history of migraines, follow up with a neurologist" and gave me a shot of morphine and sent me packing. They had to wheel me out because I was still out from the morphine.

That night, my husband carried me up stairs to my sons bed because it had rails, gave me the pain medication, and let me sleep it off. I would alternate between my sons bed and crawling on all fours to the bathroom to vomit and dry heave and lay on the cold floor.

My husband came in early in the morning and gave me a piece of cold pizza, noticed the right side of face was drooped, the right side of body paralyzed, and I had slurred speech. He called 911, yet again, and the same guys arrived saying what are you doing home? They took me five minutes down the road to the ER, told the doctors that they have a stroke victim here, and the same doctor that saw me the other two times said,  "no she's been here twice already, she's a mental case."

He proceeded to set me in the hallway for seven hours!! He didn't even assess me!! He said that I was FAKING EVERYTHING. It wasn't until shift change a first year resident heard me talking, and assessed me and sent me for CTS. What do you know, I had two strokes. They admitted me. The following night I stroked again and it made me completely quadriplegic.

With the help of an amazing therapist, I am no longer a quad. I walk with a limp, talk like I've been sick, have right side weakness, and am in the middle of a divorce. I care for myself and two children under the age of four. If I can do this thing called recovery, anybody can! Keep walking until you find a window!

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