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Tonya V.



On Father's Day 2008, I began my day with my toddler for our morning ritual of potty training. Two minutes after entering for 'training duty', my then three year old son was screaming for his mommy to wake up. The clot traveled to my brain causing a stroke, a 35 year old mother of two active boys. I was healthy, slender, with no stroke history. Many things went through my head.

I was scared to death, scared of death, and scared of leaving my two boys without a mother. 

I could not move my left side, my speech was slurred, and I was angry. Shortly after my husband called the ambulance, they arrived and I was transported to the ER 10 miles away, and transported to a new life. I am stubborn by nature and highly competitive. I wanted to know about every procedure that I had to do. I wanted OUT of the hospital. I wanted to know why! Not "why me?"... but why it happened. Was it something I did or did not do?  Genetics?  What?! I told the physical, speech, and occupational therapists that I will do whatever they wanted me to as many times a day as they saw fit.

Today, I am a 37 year old mother of two very active boys. I am stronger than I ever have been- physically and mentally. I would love to be considered as a 'face' that may not be one people think of when they think of someone who has had a stroke.


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