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Salvatore T.

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I am a Physician practicing Cardiology and Vascular Medicine in the community I grew up in. I focus on risk reduction of atherosclerotic PAD, CAD, and CVD.  Just yesterday, a fit 50 year old former smoker was presented to my office with exertional chest discomfort. Although he had not smoked in several years, and was on a regular exercise regimen, the lack of any recent lipid profile data and his c/o chest pain raised my curiosity concerning the possible existance of CAD and an unstable coronary syndrome.  Although he was pain free, as I interrogated him further I illicited a history of a remote CVA without residual nuerological complaints. He reported this had occurred some 10 plus years ago.  Knowing CVD and stroke are a risk marker for accompanying CAD, I convinced him further risk stratification was in order that day with a plain exercise test.  Upon walking 3 minutes utilizing the bruce protocol, he developed exercise induced angina and down sloping ST depressions in lead V2.  The exercise test was terminated, was given SL NTG and his symptoms soon abated.  Upon coronary angiography that evening he was found to have 95% stenosis in the left circumflex artery and received an intracoronary stent.  I feel as though this is a good example of the importance of long term risk reduction through thurough examination and instituting risk reduction therapies. Cardiologists and Vascular Physicians are responsible to further educate their colleagues and patients concerning prevention and organizations such as the National Stroke Association, the PAD Coalition and Venous Disease Coalition have launched public health awareness programs which need to be more fully diseminated to our primary care colleagues and patients.  I feel the responsibility to be a physician champion in this area. 


Salvatore Trazzera, MD, FACC, FACP, RPVI, RVT Farmingdale Heart & Vascular

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