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Celeste V.

Caregiver & Family

My world was turned upside down in 2002 after my 38-year-old husband had a stroke. It was very unexpected, as he didn't have any health risks at all. He was the last person that I thought would have a stroke. I was devastated! My husband and I were partners in the raising of our two teenage sons, in financial decisions...everything. His stroke left me to make all of these decisions, along with his health care decisions, by myself.

Since then, I went back to college for nursing (after 20+ years). I kept going until I got my RN because ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a nurse, and because someone had to support our family. Due to the stroke, my husband has aphasia, apraxia, right-sided paralysis, and he is very compulsive.  Because of his compulsiveness, he is unable to stay alone. Therefore, he lives in a group home now, and I live in a house by myself. I am remodeling my house to make it more handicap accessible for him. However, I am able to take him home on the weekends that I do not have to work. I don't think that my husband will ever be able to live at home with me. Our sons are grown now and have their own lives, but they help me with whatever they can.

I miss the man that he was so much, but I have also grown to love the person that he has become.

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Celeste's Family


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