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Julie B.


Survivor & Healthcare Professional

I am proud to say that I have been employed full time for 30 years at a Dayton, Ohio hospital as a registered nurse. On May 11, 2009, after working a 12 hour shift (at the age of 53), I stayed over to scrub a stat cesarean section, in labor and delivery and I suffered a massive stroke with right hemiparesis. My first symptom was my right leg falling asleep and I assumed it was just overwork. I drove home, took 2 aspirins and went to bed.

The next morning, my husband drove me to the ER. While I was still receiving treatment for outpatient rehab therapy, I wrote a letter to the CEO asking the hospital to purchase Bioness H200 arm and leg devices, which my 81 year old father had read about. The Bioness not only benefits stroke victims, but brain, spinal cord and neurological injuries. My hospital purchased the devices for inpatient and outpatient use because of my letter. My occupational therapists along with my husband had made me a "saebo arm device." The hospital also has purchased the saebo for inpatient use, so the patients may receive immediate therapy now.

I have been a patient advocate my entire adult life, and have continued in this endeavor during my rehabilitation. I also tell my story to caregivers at my hospital, and encourage them to take care of themselves and receive immediate treatment of stroke symptoms, and demonstrate the use of the saebo and Bioness.


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