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Stroke:My story
Stroke:My story


July 16, 2006, was the day that my life changed forever. I woke up at 2:30am to go to the bathroom. As I went to get out of bed, down to the floor I went. My left side was numb and I could not get up. I could barely move my arm and leg. I laid there for 5 hours until my wife got home from work. She called 911 and the adventure began. I was 45 at the time of my stroke. I was taken to the local hospital where I would be for a week, the first four days in ICU. When my wife got to the emergency room, the doctor asked my wife if she knew what nursing home she wanted me to go to! After about six hours in the ER, they moved me to a room. The neuro doctor on call came to talk to my family. He informed us that I did indeed have a stroke and he was going to have me moved to ICU because he had a feeling that things were going to get worse before they got better. The staff at the hosptial told my wife that we were lucky the best doctor was the on call. Well, I guess they were right because that night while in the ICU, I had another stroke. This second stroke took out my left side. I could no longer move anything!

After a week at this hosptial, I was transfered to another hospital about six blocks from the first one. I was going to start my rehab. The first day of rehab, I had a pain in my leg. After doing a dopplar, they discovered a blood clot and I was put on strict bed rest for 48 hours. I was getting good at this laying in bed thing. Finally, I was able to start rehab! The therapist's would start with moving my hand, shoulder, leg, foot. It was hard work. I had the feeling I was never going to use these things again. I was on the in-patient floor for two months. Slowly things started coming back. When I was discharged to the out-patient therapy (day rehab, they called it) I was still in a wheelchair. We had a ramp built on our house, we had to move our bedroom to the living room for a while because I could not do steps. But coming home sure felt good! I finished my day rehab program in November. I then transfered to out-patient therapy at a different clinic, and I still have therapy once in a while.

The picture of me is getting back from ice fishing. Something I enjoyed before my stroke, and something I wanted to do after. I walk with a limp and my left hand does not always do what I ask, but I am grateful that I am still here. I can no longer hunt (my left hand is my trigger hand) but I can do other things. I got back on my ATV (this made my wife very nervous). I am back ice fishing and we bought a riding lawn mower so I can mow the lawn. We also had a plow put on my ATV so I can clear snow.

I have a lot of people to thank for helping me on my stroke recovery journey. My wife and I now belong to a Young Stroke Survivors support group, and we both volunteer at the hopsital where I did my rehab. I am helping with the current stroke survivors.

I know I will never be the way I was before I had my stroke, but I am living my new life and enjoying it.


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