Never Give Up

Never Give Up
Never Give Up

Caregiver and Family Member

When told this is probably as good as he will get, my heart and my mind said "no, I do not accept this. There is too much out there to not find help for this man who has so much life left."

My husband of 37 years had been sick with flu-like symptoms for over seven months. Numerous doctors visits, specialist and more blood work than you can even imagine and they found no cause. Since my husband had been diagnosed with Hepatitis-C several years ago, they told us the only thing that they could come up with was the Hep-C was causing him to be so ill. He had lost over 25 lbs and had literally become lifeless but pushed himself to work as much as he could doing home inspections.

In January 2010 he had a stroke. When he was in the ER they did all kinds of test and scans and the next day we were told that he had cancer, he had a brain tumor and they did not hold much hope for him to recover. Being strong in my faith, I felt deep in my heart that this just was not so. They took him into surgery to do a biopsy of the tumor on his brain and found that it was in fact an abscess that had pushed forward on the brain causing the stroke. The infection was in his heart as well. If he had not had a stroke he would have died within weeks. So having the stroke is what ultimately saved his life.

The brain surgery intensified the damage so he has had farther to come then he first did at the onset of the stroke. He was in the hospital for two months going through IV Antibiotics and getting his heart regulated so he could start therapy. After all of this they said he was probably as good as he will get. My heart and my mind said "NO, I do not accept this he is to young. There is too much out there to not find help for this man who has so much life left and so much to give."

I took him to outpatient therapy for as long as the insurance would allow and I watched all that they did and I did as much as I could at home. Marty was a softball player. He was in fact obsessed with it at times. His buddies rallied around him. They visited weekly and kept him up to date on all his teams. His best friend came twice a week and would take him out in the open field and try to help him hit and catch which he took to right away. This friend has been a true Godsend. He continues to do as much as he can to exercise with him and take him to games to see his friends. One of these friends also worked with him for several months doing some intense physical exercise and he can now run a little, he can skip and can hit a softball and swing a golf club.

His speech has not come back very well and I continue to look for programs that we can afford to help him. At one point I researched Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy. I was so lead to get this for him after trying a few sessions and seeing positive improvement in his overall well being. After researching everything and taking our savings we purchased a chamber that divers use. He goes in daily for an hour or so and it has made a big difference even in helping him try to speak.

I continue to try to find programs and today on this website I read about another stroke patient that went to an intensive speech therapy facility not far from where we live. I can't believe in all our searching we never found this. I am now checking into what we can do.

Our prayer is that Marty will continue to improve and that he will be playing baseball with his grandsons and talking with them like he use to.

I just want people to know that there is so much out there but you just have to keep looking and searching and NEVER GIVE UP or accept that this is as good as it gets. We are getting our lives back more and more each day by the grace of God and alot of love and hard work.


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