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Kelli S.

A Stroke Survivor's Story
A Stroke Survivor's Story


A New Purpose

After my strokes I had to find a new purpose in life.

My years growing up in foster care enduring abuse, dealing with other health challenges and life challenges prepared me for the day my brain blew up!

In  February of 2008, a brain aneurysm ruptured and caused a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Then eight days later during brain surgery related to the initial brain injury, I suffered a stroke. My strokes were on the right side of my brain and I read in my medical report they had to removed a small portion of my right temporal lobe. When I woke up I was told I had left side neglect syndrom, that my brain would not recognize the left side. Now, I could have just said that's that and not try to change anything, but that was not in my make up. I have always been a survivor and I somehow knew deep down I was gonna survive this injury and more forward.
I have been through multiple surgeries, endless therapy, hundreds of doctors appointments and support groups. It was all worth it because I am much better today.

The hardest part to this was when the doctor could not clear me to return to my job as a Mental Health counselor and my employer could not hold my postion any longer. I loved being a counselor and helping people, but I understood the doctor's decision. After I got over the anger and depression of losing my job, my purpose in life, I decided I needed to find a new purpose. I figured I survived the strokes for a reason and the reason I came up with is that I am to share what I have gone through to help others. Along with that I took my dog Kaci to Therapy Dog Training. We finished our classes. She passed her tests! We are now registered with TDI. We volunteer visiting doing pet therapy. My hope is to find a rehabilitation center that has stroke patients that we could visit. Kaci will make them happy & I can share my story to let them know their not alone.

My early challenges prepared me for dealing with the strokes or as I call it the day my brain blew up. I will keep going forward and hope to help others as I do.


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