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Stroke is tragic for everyone involved, the survivor, the spouse, family, friends. We had no idea what life would be like after a loved one suffers a stroke but we have come together to make the best of a terrible situation.

My father was a healthy and active man who took care of everyone around him. He is a former salesperson, intelligent and charming who thrived on telling stories. We had just returned home from a gathering on Easter Sunday and my father could not get out of the car.

In the ER, there was much talk of timelines as the doctor tried to determine whether or not to administer the drug tPA. It seemed a mild stroke at that point so the doctor decided against it. Unfortunately the stroke "evolved" into something much more serious. My father became completely disabled, unable to walk, eat or talk. His family was told he would never recover. He was able to breathe on his own, though, and as a family we didn't accept the doctors' opinions and chose to do everything we could to help him. However, we knew that how much he recovered was totally up to HIM. As a family we have come together to make sure his life is the best it can be under the circumstances. Everything has been a struggle but dad has worked so hard in therapy, doing anything that is asked of him. He is home now but still requires around the clock care. He is the hardest worker I have ever known and I know he will never give up on his recovery no matter how long it takes. Our recovery goals for him are modest at this point but we hope someday he will be able to walk on his own. And we wait for the day that we may hear his stories once again.


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