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Lou L.



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My name is Lou, I'm 49 and I experienced an ischemic stroke almost 3 years ago. It came as a total surprise, as I had not experienced anything that I could relate as being symptomatic. I was at work when it occurred; fortunately, I was less than five minutes from the hospital. I also took immediate steps within that "Golden Hour" window; I am sure that is why I have not been as afflicted as I am.

Still, I was paralyzed on my right side for three months, and could do very little in terms of movement in my arm or leg. In the overall diagnosis, it was discovered that I have a Patent Foramen Ovale, or PFO, as it is known. This is a "hole in the heart". I had a blood clot pass through this opening, and lodge in the left anterior lobe of my brain. Essentially, this a genetic defect within my family, without experiencing the stroke, it may have never been truly diagnosed. Today, I am at least 98 percent back to normal with some slight "toe drop" in my right foot. I tell my story to anyone interested in learning about stroke, what you should do and how to mentally condition yourself to return to as active and normal a life as you can... because you can do it!!!

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