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Jan M.


Another Day... Because of an Angel's Action

I was at work on the computer when I felt the left side of my face going numb, spreading slowly from my nose outwards. It was a really weird feeling. I called the online nurse for advice while in the middle of a big project with deadlines to meet. I didn't have time for sickness.

The nurse advised me to go to the emergency room. I said I would call my daughter and have her take me, with the intention of going when I had finished up my work. I called my daughter and was talking with her when my secretary walked down the hallway to my office. She said, "I have a guy on the phone who says you need an ambulance right away. So, I've called for one."

I didn't want any fuss and was busy, but knew it was the right thing to do. The ambulance was at my office in five minutes. They did the preliminary things, loaded me up and whisked me to the local hospital—lights and sirens blaring. I was scared to death! When I got to the hospital they took me straight for a CT scan. I remember my husband arriving and them discussing the fact that I needed tPA, a clot-buster drug. I could hear everyone talking, but was unable to respond.

They gave me tPA and I don't remember much for the next few days. I spent six days in ICU, then a further week in the hospital before being sent to rehab. Today I am back to normal, just some residual left-sided weakness, but I hold down a full-time job and live life to the fullest. I am eternally grateful for the nurse I called who recognized the signs of a stroke and took action to get me the help I needed quickly.


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