Bernard R.
National Stroke Association Appoints Matt Lopez as Next CEO
September is National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month:
Elizabeth H.
Shannon A.
Bob B.
Owen R.
Lisa T.
Kyle R.
Katie K.
Babe & Jean
Emily D.
Valerie G-S
Reciprocal Empowerment
Daily Inspiration
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National Stroke Association's New Messages of Hope Campaign Part of 30th Anniversary Celebration
Lauren C.
Lori K.
Liane W.
Richard H.
Kelly P.
Sandra M.
Jillian K.
Nicholas A.
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Billy Jo L.
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Patti G.
Eight Patient Groups Call Medicare Payment Reform Framework Incomplete
MTC Patient and Consumer Ltr
2013 RAISE Winners Announced
Tanisha O.
Banu T.
Vanessa F.
Michael M.
Judi S.
Michael R.
Garry G.
Michelle B.
Donna R.
Erin M.
Duran A.
Kevin H.
National Stroke Association and Allsup Provide Guidance as Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and ACA Implementation Overlap
Joe E.
Phillip K.
Brenda B.
Tracey E.
John M.
Cheryl L.
Mick K.
John & Judi
Mark E.
Iola C.
Early Morning wake up
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Rosanna R.
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Robert F.
Joseph S.
Rebekah H.
Krissy S.
Cheryl E.
Tyler S-A.
Ryan F.
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Pat H.
Ticia M.
Mother of Three, Coach Awarded National Stroke Association July 2013 Faces of Stroke Spotlight
James T.
Heather H.
Paul O.
Richard B.
Yvonne L.
Penny M.
Ana F.
Salvatore T.
Lisa J.
David W.
Wayne H.
Holly and Virginia
Larissa B.
Dr. Sarah Parker
Kenisha S.
Rick P.
Donna B.
Marsha & Collier
Stroke Is the Fourth Leading Cause of Death in U.S.
Renee G.
Patrick J.
Susan J.
Pami C.
Barbara A.
Mitchell R.
Laura C.
Heather H.
Linda A.
April J.
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Local CEO Invited to White House Speech
Claire W.
Former National Stroke Association CEO/Executive Director Passes Away
Alexandra M.
Clarence R.
Annette C.
Chloe S.
Jessica H.
Jodi M.
Teri D.
Teresa G.
Kendall B.
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John M.
StrokeSmart(TM) Launches Redesigned Magazine and Interactive Website
Wanda W.
Evangeline U.
Erica T.
Robert M.
Claudia M.
Heather C.
Kristi B.
Janeide C.
Jason K.
Pops F.
A Survivor
Cheryl S.
Amy W.
Mark J.
Suzie K
Dick W.
Sarah W.
Actor Henry Winkler Shines in Caregiver Role with Faces of Stroke(SM) Campaign
Zion W.
Burky F.
Dennis G.
Pediatric Stroke Awareness Champions and Aphasia Support Group Among Honorees at Raising Awareness in Stroke Excellence (RAISE)
Amy O.
New Faces of Stroke(SM) Campaign Highlights Serious Post-Stroke Emotional Issues
Markus T.
Tennyson T.
Sara S.
Maureen C.
Dreamor T.
Martha G.
Cindy C.
Miranda C.
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National Stroke Association's New Faces of Stroke(SM) Campaign Raises Awareness about the Connection between Atrial Fibrillation
Sean B.
Ken L.
Glenn E.
Glenn E.
Renee W.
Nancy F.
Joshua C.
Amber M.
Stroke and Moyamoya Disease Survivor
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Anthony J.
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Struggling to Find the Words
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David Dunn M.
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National Stroke Association's Live Virtual Health Fair Makes Stroke Information and Experts Globally Accessible Source
Michelle K.
Jennifer G
Bukenya I.
Jimmy O'C.
Kathleen L
Mandee R.
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National Stroke Association's New Faces of Stroke(SM) Ambassadors Aim to Change Misconceptions about Stroke
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April M
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just My Un-Blog of A Life Disabled
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David A. W.
Alex M.
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B. Howard Penix, Major, USAF (ret), MBA & PMP
Tanner F.
Rosemarie A.
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Leslie's Story
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Louis De La F.
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Holly & Richard D.
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Carol D.
James S.
Speak Up: What you should know about stroke
February is American Heart Month
Holly R. K.
William L.
Mike R.
Jackie S.
Overeating, Salt Are the Real Culprits in Stroke Risk
Adrian S.
Blood Pressure Medicines Reduce Stroke Risk in People with Prehypertension, Study Suggests
Magnetic Stimulation of Brain for Stroke Recovery
Cerebral Aneurysms May Not Complicate Stroke Thrombolysis
Youth Football May Increase Stroke Risk
Erin M.
Chris W.
AF Duration Linked to Outcomes After Stroke Thrombolysis
Willae I.
Critical Protein Prevents Secondary Damage After Stroke
Study Evaluates "Normal Range" Systolic Blood Pressure Levels After Ischemic Stroke and Risk of Recurrent Stroke
Susan M.
Laura B.
Ciera F.
Intracranial Hemorrhage Outcomes Best in JC-Certified Hospitals
Kendra B.
Eric J.
Dan H.
FDA Approves Xarelto to Prevent Stroke in People With Common Type of Abnormal Heart Rhythm
Jilll E.
New Approach to Prevent Venous Thromboembolism in Hospitalized Patients Recommended by ACP
Eileen & Janet G.
Dr. Teresa
Elizabeth S.
Henry Winkler and Susan Lucci Among National Stroke Association's Inaugural RAISE Awards Winners
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth M.
Evan G.
Woman Who Had Stroke at South Pole Recovering
A U.S. Adult Has a Stroke Every 40 Seconds
Statins Curb Excess Recurrent Stroke Risk in Diabetes Patients
After Stroke, Blood Pressure-Lowering Drugs Aid Recovery
GWTGStroke Delivers Anticoagulation Improvements in AF
Lewis-Mcchord Crew Makes Antarctica Rescue Flight
New Clue to Brain Bleeding After Stroke Treatment
Stroke, Hip Break Lead to Nursing Home
Donna C.
Derrick W.
Steven E.
Dr. David B.
Doctor Experience Is Critical in Carotid Artery Procedures, Study Suggests
Video Games Can Help Stroke Victims
Depression Link to Stroke Risk Bolstered
Low-Dose rtPA May Help IVH Patients
Few Brain Aneurysm Patients Receive Specialized Care Despite Proven Benefits
Genia W.
Provider Factors Influence Secondary Stroke Prevention Adherence
White Fruits and Vegetables May Lower Stroke Risk
Virtual Stroke Care Appears Cost-Effective
Rich B.
U.S. to Prevent 1 Million Heart Attacks
Stroke Center Designation Cancels Out Weekend Mortality Effect
Tony W.
Cody D.
Damont G.
Constantine Z.
Cheryl N.
Cole N.
Charles K.
Charles W.
Shawn S.
Joan M.
Jo Anne S.
Elizabeth H.
Betty M.
Sharon F.
A Little Chocolate Goes a Long Way in Keeping Healthy Heart, Study Finds
Carol O.
Carl M.
Cameron C.
Cassidy C.
Coronary Calcium Beats C-Reactive Protein for Predicting Heart Attack and Stroke Risk, Study Finds
Elle R.
Cholesterol Drugs Can Reduce Stroke Risk, but Aren't for Everyone
Nicole A.
Study Shows Link Between Depression, Strokes
ROCKET AF Published: Rivaroxaban Noninferior to Warfarin
Alfred B.
Billy A.
Bob M.
Allison H.
Alita N.
Avi G.
Bonnie D.
Barbara R.
Blanette W.
Arbi O.
Barbara K.
Angela B.
Beverly P.
Carlene L.
Sabrina P.
Cindy L.
Nancy B.
William D.
Richard M.
Douglas M.
Neurologists' Comfort with tPA Treatment Increasing
High-Risk Stroke Patients More Likely to Get Follow-Up Care After Motivational Talk
Rebecca F.
Roger C.
Jeff R.
Doug M.
Lea L.
Evo G.
Jennifer Y.
Elizabeth D.
James M.
Julie C.
William S.
Frank C.
J. Bradley
Patti G.
Rachel H.
Janice B.
Mary C.
Edna B.
Nancy B.
David B.
Elizabeth S.
Lynnette C.
Kathleen M.
Jennifer K.
Kimberly F.
Kristin P.
Carolyn S.
Susan G.
Sara C.
Rachel E.
Lauren R.
Candra K.
Keith F.
Francis M.
Alice N.
Shelly B.
Ashley B.
Martin M.
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Help Prevent Recurrent Strokes in Younger People
Stroke Risk High After Traumatic Brain Injury
Shari S.
Vascular Risk Factors Spark Rise in Pregnancy-Related Stroke
Donald W.
Mind-Machine Interface Could Lead to New Life-Changing Technologies for Millions of People
Anita S.
Maureen M.
Michael D.
A life time of recovery
Gloria K.
Charles M.
Bruce L.
Patricia F.
Pamela C.
Pamela B.
Joanna C.
Monica L.
Costonia M.
Marcus R.
Stu W.
Frank C.
Renee N.
Ruth A.
Elsa U.
Arnell H.
Maureen F.
James K.
Kathleen E.
Linda F.
Debra A.
Mark B.
Kay H.
Matt K.
Dave P.
Jane V.
Carlos P.
Edee T.
Brain Damage from Stroke Reduced with Natural Protein Given up to 12 Hours Later
Walter S.
Lori U.
Heidi H.
Katie J.
Vivian W.
Jaki B.
Ray F.
Virginia C.
Melissa F.
Carolyn K.
Marcia W.
Gary T.
Mike D.
Jane M.
Suzie V.
Corinne K.
Lou P.
Brian F.
Gayle P.
Cheryl C.
Jesse G.
Patricia R.
Steven M.
Philip B.
Harriėt O.
Brian H.
Shonda G.
Jeff K.
Arlisa L.
Greg F.
Thomas S.
Al R.
Megan D.
Kurt B.
Tommy Q.
Cathy J.
Richard C.
Thomas M.
Corey M.
Mary K.
Kelly W.
Julie J.
Joe C.
Donna D.
Kim M.
Allen W.
Anita G.
Aimee M.
Sharon M.
Christine M.
Linda B.
Cheryl M.
Tonya V.
Marisa G.
Maurine M.
Peggy J.
Stephen F.
Mari S.
Yvonne J.
William W.
Pam Q.
Jessica P.
Barbara C
Bambi G.
Ann P.
Melissa P.
Douglas A.
Richard S.
Tina K.
Marlene J.
Thomas H.
William B.
Mycle B.
Dona G.
Mike C.
Debra G.
Susan G.
Cris P.
Debbie A., Julie D., & Susan H.
Joyce R.
Carlene M.
Bridglal R.
Mary M.
Memory S.
Giuseppe D.
Sonia R.
Joe U.
Kathy B.
Jennifer F.
Marcella H.
Nancy N.
Nkiruka A.
Eva C.
Alyssa W.
Celeste V.
Gloria W.
Luis M.
Mark P.
Cynthia G.
Mark N.
Shannon M.
Terre M.
Amy C.
Carisa E.
Evelyn W.
Julie B.
Karen J.
Berenice K.
Lindsay P.
Devon S.
Hankyu C.
Linda W.
BP Control Poor at Discharge After Stroke
Karen D.
Collateral Flow Effect on Stroke Risk Modified by Stenosis Severity
Allan A.
Cathy S.
Type 2 Diabetes Associated with Increased Risk of Stroke and Cardiovascular Problems, but Metabolic Syndrome Is Not
Exercise May Protect the Older Brain from "Silent Strokes"
Yoga Helped Older Stroke Victims Improve Balance, Endurance
Roger H.
National Aphasia Association
Study Suggests Imaging Utilization Affected by Patient Age and Facility Imaging Capacity
Michael D.
Kaitlyn K.
Susan L.
Rebecca D.
Jennifer P.
J Audre C.
Never Give Up
Grace C.
Juleann L.
Amanda H.
Rachel H.
Juan F.
Age Doesn't Matter
Dr. Aaron
Juan F.
Anthony J.
Kelli S.
Kevin B.
Dr Gregory
Nebraska State Stroke Association
Despite Real Benefits, Most At-Risk Patients Don't Adhere to Statin Treatment
Strokes Striking at Younger Age Groups
Kathleen H.
National Stroke Association Announces Strike Out Stroke at Coors Field on May 15
Vincent T.
What Is a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)? What Is a Mini-Stroke?
Michael W.
Julliette S.
Hispanic Americans Less Likely to Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Stroke
Robert T.
Debbie B.
One in Seven Strokes Occurs During Sleep, Many Without Treatment
Kathy L.
Joyce S.
Recognize Symptoms, Act Quickly When Stroke Occurs
Leigh W.
Richmonder Chosen to Represent Stroke Survivors Nationwide
Anne S.
Joey's Journey
Odds for Stroke Treatment Fall as Transfer Time Goes Up
Andrew M.
Johan d.
Lisa O-H.
Paul B.
Healthcare Professional Becomes a Caregiver
Cheryl B.
Fierce G.
Larry B.
Toni Y.
Lou L.
Lenice H.
A Vascular Health Quiz for National Stroke Awareness Month
Kristina P.
Kathryn R.
Jan M.
Kristen H-T.
Laura B.
RBC Transfusion Linked to Improved Survival After Intracerebral Hemorrhage
National Stroke Association Launches the Faces of Stroke(SM)
Steven H.
John M.
Laura L.
Nikki W.
Dan D.
David D.
Emily A.
Many Young U.S. Adults Deceiving Themselves About Health
Amie C.
Shelly F.
Life After a Stroke
Intracranial Atherosclerosis Underlies Many Post-CABG Strokes
Third Ventricle Involvement Predicts ICH Outcomes
Stroke Risk Declines After Cessation of HRT
Study Suggests Antidepressants Aid Physical Recovery in Stroke
Statin Pretreatment Improves Outcomes After Ischemic Stroke
New Technology Developed for Stroke Rehabilitation
Predicting Risk of Atrial Fibrillation by Measuring Oxidative Stress
Rivaroxaban Compares Favorably with Enoxaparin in Preventing Venous Thromboembolism
Dabigatran Etexilate Is Cost Effective for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation in Real-World Clinical Practice
Mini-Stroke Doubles Risk of Heart Attack
Risk of Stroke Increased Soon After Aspirin Is Stopped
Depression and Other Factors Linked to Dependence After Stroke
Stroke Incidence Higher Among Patients With Certain Type of Retinal Vascular Disease
Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Stroke
Telestroke Allows Round-the-Clock Thrombolysis
Apixaban Reduced Risk for Stroke, Embolism in Patients Ineligible for Vitamin K Antagonist
Virginia Tech Researcher Seeks to Use Electrical Stimulation to Give Voice to Stroke Patients
Pronota and Molecuence Announce Collaboration in Protein Biomarker Discovery
Children's Medical Center Initiates Study to Diagnose and Treat Pediatric Strokes
High Triglycerides = High Stroke Risk
Patients Taking Dabigatran (Pradaxa) Must Store It in Original Bottle and Discard Unused Medication After 30 Days
Dabigatran Added to Guidelines on Treating Atrial Fibrillation
Memory Loss May Signal Stroke Risk
Preliminary Study Links Stroke, Diet Soda
Doctors: Treat Mild Stroke, Too
Kristine C.
Jose S.
Reed H.
Pamela M.
Karen S.
Karen G.
Lee S.
Margie F.
Shaunna J.
Leslie G.
Stan K.
Ron W.
Howard S.
Jacqueline O.
Joseph B.
Murphy H.
Martha "Marty" J. M.
Jillian H.
Frederick Richard S.
Donald S.
Margaret "Meg" W.
Matt W.
Craig M.
Cathedra Cross-M.
Kristi Jones O.
Charles W.
Maggie & Matthew M.
Ericka Megan T. P.
Jay E. M.
Kate C.
Ann T.
William H.
Emilie H.
Kristen H.
Shannon Melinda A.
Jeffrey David S.
Rebecca F.
Tom W., III
Kate C.
Roger H.
Jeffrey David S.
Sam B.
Jennifer K.
Mark B.
Rachel R.
Jenniffer J.
Jeffrey A. B.
Mark B.
Kathrynne S.
Christine R.
Wesley W.
Gary W. D.
Carol S.
Grayson Russell P.
Gloria M.
Lilly S.
Kristianne Jones O.
Jeffrey Scott W.
Julie B.
Hellen M.
Michael C.
Sheila C.
Kay W.
June Peterson H.
Jode Renae J.
Richard M.
Jennifer W.
John Edward F.
Julie B.
Indrid G.
Mark S.
Michelle B.
Julius B.
Pam R.
Fidencio N.
Robert H.
Elizabeth C.
Danny M.
Jason S.
Patricia May G.
Frank L.
Maria Eugenia M.
Lois F.
William Timothy P.
Barbara K.
Jessie R.
David W.
Spencer E.
Robert S., III
Freddie Lee F.
Sarah Elizabeth W.
Sarah L.
Jose Q.
John B. G.
Frank P.
Flora I.
Charles W.
Tyler Jacob O.
Stacy G.
Marilyn O.
Charles Gary K.
Michele E. S.
Michal H.
Justin S.
Jakob Joshua D.
Jenny B.
Mark W.
Carmel M.
Shirley Anne C.
Helen B.
Kaleigh C.
Richard "Michael" B.
Kathy K.
Mary F.
Janice Denise Y.
Peter V. C.
Joy C. G.
Karen S.
Audrey M.
Lucy B.
Janice N.
Marie I.
Lauren Michele H.
Jan F.
Mike C.
Laurie P.
Susan M.
Stenting Shows Higher Risk of Stroke Vs. Cartoid Endarterectomy
Gore releases statement in response to safety of GORE HELEX Septal Occluder for PFO closure in cryptogenic stroke patients
New Research Shows Blood-Thinning Treatment Standards Changing For Heart Patients
Stroke Drops to Fourth Leading Cause of Death in U.S.; More Awareness Still Needed
Researchers Establish New Rule To Predict Risk Of Stroke, Death From Surgery That Prevents It
National Stroke Association Recommendations for TIA Systems of Care
Largest Study Of Therapeutic Cooling To Reduce Brain Injury After Stroke Now Underway
Therapy May Reverse Stroke Damage By Jump-Starting Growth Of Nerve Fibers
Alternatives to Vitamin K Antagonists for A-Fib Assessed
Two Studies Provide Insight Into Stroke Risk And Prevention In Young Sickle Cell Anemia Patients
Daiichi Sankyo completes patient enrollment in Phase III edoxaban study for AFib
Updated Guidelines Include New Research, Advances in Stroke Prevention
Outcomes Positive After Migraine-Linked Stroke
New Approach To Sneak Nerve-Protective Drug Erythropoietin Into Blood-Brain Barrier
Researchers Identify Molecular Cascade That Drives Sprouting In Brain After Stroke
tDCS Electric Stimulation Can Improve Motor Function In Stroke Patients
Researchers To Determine Stroke Risk In Patients With Narrowed Brain Arteries
Clot-Busting Drug Remains Most Beneficial Emergency Treatment For Strokes
New Drug May Provide More Cost-Effective Stroke Prevention Than Warfarin
Clear Guidelines Needed for Consistent Childhood Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment
FDA Approves NUEDEXTA Capsules for Pseudobulbar Affect
FDA approves Pradaxa to prevent stroke in people with atrial fibrillation
National Stroke Association Survey Results: PBA impacts many survivors, but few understand condition
Soap siren talks atrial fibrilation for Boehringer Ingelheim awareness effort
Latest advances in treating stroke, Parkinson's detailed in Neurology Journal
Poor Kidney Function Linked to Future Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease
Guidelines on using artery-closing devices: devices are okay, but more research needed, experts say
NIH Expands High Blood Pressure Trial To Include More Older Adults
Menstrual Blood-Derived Stem Cells Investigated As Potential Stroke Therapy
NIH funds $1.5M for research into prediction of stroke risk in pediatric patients with sickle cell disease
Ron Howard Wants To Direct Jodie Foster
Teenage Stroke Survivor Considers Herself Medical Miracle
Atorvastatin Has Benefit as Secondary Prevention Against Recurrent Stroke
Stem Cell Solution? Swap Embryos for Menstrual Blood
Carotid Surgery for Silent Stenosis Cuts Long-Term Stroke Risk
Latest Advances in Neurologic Disorders Detailed in Neurology Journal
Kidney Disease Linked to Future Heart Disease, Stroke Risk
Surprising Stress for Caregivers
Recovery of stroke survivor
Acupuncture not helpful for stroke recovery
Phantom limbs very common
Acupuncture As Stroke Treatment Doesn't Stick
Study finds evidence of post-stroke brain recovery
Scientists Discover Gene That Controls Stem Cells In Central Nervous System
Statins Could Prevent More Strokes, Heart Attacks: Analysis
USC stroke study - Brain adjusts to offset damage
Carotid Surgery Lowers Stroke Risk in Some Patients
Surgery to Widen Neck Arteries Cuts 10-Year Stroke Risk: Study
Enzyme Might Underlie Some Stroke Damage
Edwards Heart Valve Extended Life, Raised Stroke Risk in Study
U.S. panel backs Boehringer drug to reduce strokes
Panel Endorses New Blood Thinner
'Pre-diabetes' raises risk of heart attack, stroke
Paralyzed stroke patients offered new hope
Scientists find clue to cell damage after stroke
Scientists Find Clue to Cell Damage After Stroke
Fixing foot drop
Shocking advance in stroke therapy: New system is portable and uses electrodes to stimulate paralyzed muscles
Electrical stimulation helps stroke, surgery, edema patients
For Compression Hose, Length Matters
Creighton University gets grant to study strokes
Gulfport Memorial Hospital receives large grant
Heart Disease and Stroke Risk Revealed By Fuzzy Thinking
Researchers Discover Key Mechanism Behind Sleep
Woman recovers from stroke thanks to technology
Noninvasive Brain Stimulation May Aid Stroke Recovery
Neuralstem Stem Cells Survive And Differentiate Into Neurons In Rats With Stroke
Medical Minute 9-15: Dealing with the Effects of Stroke
Carotid Endarterectomy Risks Can Be Reliably Identified to Rule Out the Procedure: Presented at ANA
Hyperglycemia Linked to Poor Outcomes in Ischemic Stroke
Link Discovered Between Arthritis Pain Reliever And Cardiovascular Events
Endovascular Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke
Brain Stimulation Can Help Partially Paralysed Stroke Patients Regain Use Of Their Muscles
Antibiotic Appears Safe For Stroke Patients And Good Companion For TPA
Therapy assists young stroke survivors
Apple iPad, Nintendo Wii Can Help Stroke Survivors Communicate
Recurring Stroke Risk Higher for Some Hispanics
Mexican-Americans With Heart Rhythm Disorder Have Increased Risk for Second Stroke
Stroke stents may double risk in patients over 70
Study Finds Higher Education Predicts Better Cardiovascular Health Outcomes In High-Income Countries, But Not In Low- And Middle
Mark McEwen's Amazing Return to "The Early Show"
Controversial neck manipulation may increase risk of stroke
In A Rat Model Of Stroke, Protecting Nerve Cells From Death
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