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Apple's Smartwatch Has a Heart Monitor

The new watch which includes electrocardiogram testing, could lead to a quicker diagnosis of AFib, a leading risk factor for stroke.


4 Books to Check Out

Whether you're a stroke survivor, a caregiver or stroke advocate, you'll find inspiration from books by those on a stroke journey.

Just 2 Weeks' Inactivity Can Trigger Diabetes in at-Risk Seniors

Researchers find that a short stretch of reduced activity led to elevated blood sugar levels in overweight patients with pre-diabetes.

Tune In to AFib During AFib Awareness Month

September is AFib Awareness Month which puts the focus on an estimated seven million Americans living with atrial fibrillation who are at an increased risk for stroke.

4 Habits That Lead to Better Food Choices

Understanding food choices is the first step toward healthy eating and weight loss. Check out these tips to get you to your goal.

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