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A Teachable Moment

Stroke survivor Mark French produced a documentary featuring his personal story and three other stories in an effort to educate the public about stroke and save lives.


Realizing a Dream

When John experienced a stroke at 23, he was given little hope of recovery. He proved them wrong, conquered mountains and landed a dream job.


Surgeons Put a Smile on Paralyzed Faces

Johns Hopkins surgeons transplant muscle tissue to restore smiles on faces of those affected by stroke and other causes of one-sided facial muscle paralysis.


Sometimes Headaches Can Be an Emergency, Here's When

Headaches can warn of a serious health issue. Here's when you should call 9-1-1, have reason for concern or talk to your doctor.


What You Need to Know About Wills

No matter what your age it's important for every adult to have a will, the first step in estate planning.

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