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Breaking News from the International Stroke Conference

A major breakthrough in treating stroke patients was announced at the International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles. We've pulled together several research stories.


4 Books to Check Out

A doctor writes bedside tales and a mother writes to explain grandpa's stroke to her children. These are just a couple of books on our bookshelf.


6 Steps to a Healthier You

Doctors at UCLA offer six lifestyle tips to enhance your well-being. Some of them may surprise you.


Rare Stroke on the Rise Among Moms-to-Be

A 12-year study finds that the percentage of pregnant women hospitalized for spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage rose from 4 percent to 6 percent.


Early Periods a Stroke Risk?

Study finds that women who began having periods before age 12 were 10 percent more likely to face heart disease and stoke than those who were 13 or older.

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