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October 2017


Stroke at 30-Something: You Can Come Back

The Right Attitude, Therapy and Caregiver Support is Vital to Successful Rehabilitation

At 32 years old, Jessica “Jess” McNair never saw stroke as a problem she would have to face. To her, strokes happened to the elderly or people with multiple risk factors. However, one morning she learned that strokes can happen to anyone.

Jess woke up unable to see and felt what she describes as “feeling drunk.” After a series of tests, Jessica’s doctors told her she had suffered a series of multiple strokes and predicted she had a five percent chance of living.

Today, Jess feels fortunate to have had a successful recovery process—one that she attributes to maintaining a positive attitude. She’s also quick to point out the support of her sister and rehabilitation team. With a combination of therapies that utilize different devices such as the EksoGT™, a wearable exoskeleton, and an electronic stimulation machine, Jess and her therapists continue to work towards her independence.

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National Stroke Association provides educational information about treatments for post-stroke issues through real-life stories. Promotion of these stories does not imply endorsement of any product or service and it is recommended that patients ask a healthcare professional before using any product, medicine, or therapy.



Join Us on the Comeback Trail


Stroke survivor Liz Teller will be joining hundreds of walkers and runners at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island, NY on Oct. 21 when the National Stroke Association hosts the Comeback Trail 5K. “I’m doing it because I can,”says Liz. “Last year I could barely walk. Now I’m walking three miles most days.”

Read Liz' story on StrokeSmart.

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Understand Stroke
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World Stroke Day is Oct. 29

The National Stroke Association marks World Stroke Day on Oct. 29 by joining an international campaign that focuses on prevention. Globally, there are 17 million strokes annually, 6.5 million deaths and 26 million stroke survivors. This year’s campaign focuses on risk factors for stroke and spreading awareness. 

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We Can Help

Medication Adherence & Compliance

The National Stroke Association created a brochure offering information on medications, including filling and refilling prescriptions, talking with doctors and pharmacies, overcoming cost barriers and tracking and organizing medications.

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Faces of Stroke

‘Life is a Lot More Fragile Than We Think’

Kathryn’s friends performed the FAST exam and soon learned that she was having a stroke at age 20. They got her to the hospital in time for doctors to administer the clot-busting drug. “Without them, I may not have been able to return to the amazing life I had been living,” she says.

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