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July 2017


PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA): A Lesser-Known Neurologic Condition That Can Follow Stroke

PBA is:

  • A neurologic condition that can happen after a stroke
  • Sudden, frequent, uncontrollable crying and/or laughing
  • An emotional expression that doesn’t match how you feel

It’s important to understand these PBA symptoms and talk to your doctor about how to manage them.

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National Stroke Association provides educational information about treatments for post-stroke issues through real-life stories. Promotion of these stories does not imply endorsement of any product or service and it is recommended that patients ask a healthcare professional before using any product, medicine, or therapy.

Understand Stroke

Learn About Mobility

Mobility Mission is an entertaining online game that addresses post-stroke mobility challenges. The game will help you gain a better understanding of spasticity, paralysis, foot drop, as well as offer management and treatment options to discuss with your healthcare provider.

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We Can Help

Stroke Support Groups

Stroke support groups provide a forum for learning, listening and socializing with others. Visit our registry of support groups to find a support group in your state or to add your support group to the list. For those wanting to start a support group we offer Programs-in-a-box to get you started and offer topics for discussion.

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Faces of Stroke

'I am Stronger than Ever’'

Stroke didn’t run in Danielle’s family and she was healthy when she experienced a stroke on Sept. 16. She says her recovery has been tough but “I am stronger than ever. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Whether it’s day 1 or day 365, you will regain all that you have lost."

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