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June 2017


New Treatment for Deadliest Stroke, Inner Cranial Hemmorhage

Single and multi-center peer-reviewed published results for a new standardized way to surgically treat hemorrhagic stroke that removes greater than 95% of the blood from the brain is leading to improved morbidity and impressive functional recovery in patients versus the current standard of care. But it’s still a stroke of luck to have these new technologies available to patients at a hospital in or near their hometown. The stars aligned just right for Cathy the day she suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke because she was visiting her mom in Cleveland, a city where the hospital uses the technologies.

Thanks to a surgeon who was trained on the NICO BrainPath technology that provides minimally disruptive access to reach a hematoma by navigating through the natural folds of the brain, Cathy says it’s hard to tell she even had a stroke. She’s walking, talking and setting a new norm for stroke recovery.

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National Stroke Association provides educational information about treatments for post-stroke issues through real-life stories. Promotion of these stories does not imply endorsement of any product or service and it is recommended that patients ask a healthcare professional before using any product, medicine, or therapy.

Understand Stroke

Living with the Burden of PBA: Education for patients and caregivers

Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) affects many stroke survivors. It can be extremely embarrassing and negatively impact a survivor’s social life and relationships when they experience uncontrollable laughter or crying. Join us for a live educational program on, a PlatformQ Health learning channel, to learn more about PBA.

Presented by: Eric Pioro, MD, PhD and Maileen Ulep-Reed, CNP, both of the Cleveland Clinic

When: June 20, 2017

Time: 2 p.m. EDT

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AFib Info in Spanish

Atrial fibrillation—AFib—is a type of irregular heart beat that can be a risk factor for stroke. Learn the facts about AFib and find resources on a website that is now available in Spanish.

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Faces of Stroke

'Surrounded by Love'

Donald experienced two strokes—one in 2014 and another in 2016 while he was in a church service. When his speech came back, doctors and his therapist marveled at the speed of his recovery. “Surrounded by love and great supporters has helped me a lot,” he says.

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