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December 2013

Congress Must Stop the Therapy Caps

Stop the Therapy CapCongress has just two weeks to take action to ensure that stroke survivors on Medicare maintain access to an adequate level of outpatient therapy services. If they fail to act, survivors who are most severely impacted by their stroke and who have more than one stroke or other injury in 2014 could lose access to therapy services critical to their recovery. We’re working to make sure this devastating policy doesn’t take effect. Find out how you can help by sending a message to your members of Congress on this issue or calling their offices about it. It only takes a minute to make a big difference for the entire stroke community.

Your State Legislators May Be Talking About Stroke in 2014

photo of raised handsIn January, state legislatures across the country will be back at work. That’s significant for the stroke community because most healthcare laws are created at the state level. That’s why it’s important that the legislators who represent you understand the needs and challenges of stroke survivors, caregivers and the healthcare professionals who treat them. Our State Advocacy Action Center provides all the tools you need to educate your state legislators about stroke. All you need to add is your story. Learn more about how you can join us and support the needs of the stroke community in your state through advocacy.

Mobilize Your Support Group to Take Action


Your stroke support group can make a difference for stroke survivors across the country. How? Watch our online session titled How to Quickly and Easily Mobilize Your Support Group for Maximum Advocacy Impact. You’ll learn ten quick and easy steps you can take to engage your group members in political advocacy activities. To make a difference, stroke survivors must tell their stories to their elected officials. It’s the only way for those officials to know what they can do to represent your concerns. Support groups have a real opportunity through a ready-made structure to get legislators educated and take action on stroke-related issues. Make that goal a reality by watching this presentation and adding an advocacy discussion to your next meeting.

Advocacy: 2014 Edition

2014 CalendarAdvocacy is a year-round activity. We’ve provided you with a calendar for 2014 so you can easily plan your advocacy efforts month-by-month. With a few small steps each month, you can join us in making big strides for stroke in 2014! The calendar works for Congress and your state legislature. All you have to do is bring your stroke story and a willingness to help the entire stroke community. Read more about how a few easy steps can make a big difference.

Advocacy and Social Media

Follow your congressional and state legislators on social media. Find out how.

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