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Aspirin May Not Prevent Stroke in Those Already at Risk

Study finds taking a daily, low-dose aspirin did little to ward off first strokes in people who smoked, had high blood pressure or high cholesterol.


Smartphone App May Screen for AFib

It's not on the open market yet but one professor says smartphones could be a low-cost way to screen for AFib, a leading cause of stroke.


A Single Pill Can Transform Blood Pressure Treatment

A single pill containing two drugs could increase patients' adherence to taking medications and keep blood pressure in tact.


How to Become an Educated Patient

Use pamphlets, videos and other online resources from health organizations to feel more confident about healthcare decisions.


Exercising on an Empty Stomach: Good Idea or Not?

Researchers find that exercising in fasting mode can lead to burning 20 percent more calories than exercising after breakfast.

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