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Sudden Cold Weather May Increase Stroke Mortality

Lower mean temperatures affected women more than men in both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, researchers find.


Running a Marathon in Dad's Honor

Gina Brown is raising funds and awareness for stroke by joining the National Stroke Association's Stroke Challenge Team for the TCS New York City Marathon.


Stroke Survivor Pens Books About Aphasia

Thomas G. Broussard Jr., PhD, is on a mission to educate people about aphasia which he experienced following his stroke in 2011. He hopes to speak in all 50 states.


Mediterranean Diet Scores Again

The Mediterranean diet works to protect cardiovascular health mainly because it replaces saturated fat with unsaturated fat, so enjoy the olive oil and nuts.


5 Ways to Push Yourself to Stay Fit

Master a new activity or take an activity you love to a new level to keep exercise interesting and increase your fitness level.

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