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African Americans, Hispanics Risk 2nd Strokes More Often

Compared to whites, the risk of a second bleeding stroke was nearly twice as high among African Americans and about 70 percent higher among Hispanics.


Insomnia a Long-Term Side Effect of Stroke

Sleep problems are tied to several factors such as greater psychological strain, pain and discomfort as well as reduced levels of physical activity.

Daily Egg Consumption May Reduce Stroke Risk

Those who consume up to one egg a day had a 26 percent lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke, study finds.

Go Vegan to Jumpstart Weight Loss

It may not be the easiest diet to stick to but if you're looking for quick weight loss, a strict vegetarian diet is the way to go.

A Deeper Understanding of AFib Could Lower Risk

Researchers urge healthcare community to consider the amount of time a patient is in AFib out of the total monitored time as a way to reduce stroke risk.

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