In Case of Emergency

Call 9-1-1

What to Expect at the Hospital

Questions to Ask After a Stroke

What caused my stroke?

What type of stroke did I have?

Where in the brain did the stroke occur?

How soon can I expect to recover after my stroke?

Will I need treatment and how will I know it is working?

What are my treatment options?

How effective is the treatment?

What types of challenges are typical after this type of stroke?

Will I have limitations because of the stroke?

Will I be able to enjoy the same quality of life I had before the stroke?

Will I need to make changes to my lifestyle, like changing my eating or exercise habits?

Are there foods I need to avoid?

What level of exercise is safe for me to continue in order to prevent another stroke?

How can I lower my risk for having another stroke? What are the odds of me having another stroke?

What health conditions or risk factors do I have that place me at a higher risk for another stroke?

What are some additional tests I may need?

What is my prognosis?

Who can I turn to for support?

What follow-up is necessary?

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