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If you or someone you know is experiencing stroke symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately. Every minute matters!

There are different ways that stroke care facilities can demonstrate their commitment and ability to treat stroke and to provide rehabilitation support.

Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers

The Joint Commission is an independent organization that awards a Certificate of Distinction to primary stroke centers and comprehensive stroke centers that make exceptional efforts to foster better patient outcomes related to stroke care. These certification programs were developed in collaboration with the Brain Attack Coalition.

Click here to access a searchable database of the more than 400 Stroke Centers that have been certified by The Joint Commission.

Rehabilitation Facilities

CARF is an independent agency that accredits rehabilitation providers who meet a rigorous set of guidelines for service and quality. CARF-accredited facilities found provide rehabilitation support for a variety of conditions and may or may not provide stroke-specific care.

Click here to access a searchable database containing CARF-accredited providers.

Stroke Center Network Members

Members of National Stroke Association’s Stroke Center Network exhibit a strong and clear commitment to providing quality stroke care at their facilities. Members represent a wide range of organization types and capacity related to the stroke care they provide.

Click here to view the more than 250 facilities that are members of National Stroke Association’s Stroke Center Network (SCN).

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